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Fashion Designer: Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin was born in Venice, Italy in a French family on the 7th of July 1922. In 1945 Cardin moved to Paris where he studied architecture. After the war he started working for Paquin to gain some experience and extra knowledge. After that came his involvement with the fashion house of Elsa Schiaparelli, after which another great opportunity presented itself- head of a Dior atelier in 1947.
Since Pierre was a talented and quite ambitious, soon he decided to open his own fashion house. The Cardin brand was started in 1950 and by 1953 there were already haute couture clothes being designed and sewed.

Cardin’s popular space designs and avant-garde style quickly drew the attention of many movie stars and celebrities of all kind (Audrey Hepburn for example was often spotted wearing his creations).He was the first designer to introduce the ‘bubble dress’ while experimenting with geometric forms and styles that were not always practical but quite often dazzling. The unisex clothes he designed were something quite new at the time and were also a daring move that Cardin decided to take. Another thing that Cardin became a pioneer in is the Japanese fashion market, he was the first to introduce it and develop it ever since his visit there in 1959.

Many more experiments followed through the years. Cardin designed car interiors, bought restaurants and his own venue, even a castle. Not only that, but he has also showed a vivid interest in theatre, art and music and has not only supported artists but also organized events and musicals.

Although Pierre Cardin put his company for sale in 2004 he still continues his work as a fashion designer and says he will do that until he dies. He is currently around 90 years old but still an important name in the fashion world.

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Fashion Designer: Paco Rabanne

PacoRabanne is designer of Spanish origin. His full name is Francisco “Paco” RabanedaCuervo and his birthplace is Pasajes, Basque Country, Spain. The date he was born is the 18th of February 1934.

When the Spanish Civil War broke out, he and his mother fled their home and made it to France. They managed to start their lives once again there and soon Paco started studying for an architect, however this was not his passion. Fashion was. He realized that eventually and started his tough journey to becoming a fashion designer. During the 1960’s he managed to earn himself a reputation of anl’enfant terrible of French fashion.

PacoRabanne started out as a jewelry designer for Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga. All big names in the French fashion industry. After some time of gathering experience and learning from the best he decided to open his own fashion house in 1966. It was then, when he started experimenting and gave himself freedom in designing clothes. He included a lot of unconventional materials in his works of art, such as: metal, paper and plastic.

In 2005 Rabanne opened his very own exhibition in Moscow. As the infamous designer said himself, he decided to exhibit his drawing so that If by some unfortunate turn of events he disappears or dies, he could be remembered not only as a designer but also as an artist He also said, that these drawings were only shown to Salvador Dali 30 years before the exhibition in Moscow and that at the time, he approved them. One of the drawings he showed was of a child, letting go of a white balloon and a dove in the sky. This black and white sketch is said to have been inspired by the Beslan attack in Russia. Rabanne wanted all the money from the drawing to go to the women in Beslan.

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Fashion Designer: Oscar de la Renta

De la Renta was born on July the 22nd 1936 in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 18 he left home to travel to Spain, where he would pursue his dream of becoming an artist. When arriving in Madrid he started studying painting and artistry in the Academy of San Fernando. During his first years in Madrid, while studying painting he became interested in fashion and so, a new passion was born. With a little luck and a lot of talent, he was soon sketching for some of the biggest fashion houses in Spain. An apprenticeship followed shortly, Cristobal Balenciaga had spotted de la Renta and decided to become his mentor.

After the time he spent in the fashion house of Balenciaga he changed the scene a little by moving to Paris and scoring a new job –as a couture assistant in Lanvin.

After spending some time in Paris, working with Antonio Castillo on Lanvin, De la Renta then took off to New York to work for Elizabeth Arden. After Arden, Oscar de la Renta decided it was time to take the risk and opened his own fashion house. The fashion house he opened in 1965 concentrated on ready-to-wear clothes.

Ever since it was created, the Oscar de la Renta fashion house has earned many loyal clients with its luxurious designs which were then only for the rich and famous.

Apart from the ready-to-wear line de la Renta launches each year, he has also branched out by selling eyewear, sleepwear, swimwear, perfumes, linens, wedding dresses, jewellery and lingerie.

The first fragrance the designer launched is called “Oscar”. It came out in 1977 and was a huge success; it was even awarded the Fragrance Foundation Perennial Success Award in 1991.

Back in the Dominican Republic, Oscar is a well-known member and a vivid social figure. In 1996 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hispanic Heritage Society.

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