Secrets of the Perfect Smile

Whether you realize it or not, your smile is one of your most important features, hands down. When you look at other people, you notice their smile, even if you’re not consciously checking out their teeth. And your smile greatly impacts the look of your entire face. Your teeth need to be taken care of if you hope to have a killer smile.

But there are lots of things that can ruin a smile, or prevent yours from being the best it can be. Most people’s teeth don’t grow perfectly aligned or straight, and hardly anyone has teeth that are impressively bright white. The vast majority of celebrities see dentists, oral surgeons, and other teeth specialists on a regular basis to get a camera-ready grin. There are ways, however, that you can improve your smile at home. Here are the secrets you should know. nice teeth

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Good Dental Care

This cannot be stressed enough – the most important part about having a perfect, lasting smile is regular dental care. You should see a dentist every six months throughout your entire life, even when you think your teeth are just fine. Your dentist will detect cavities, gum disease, and other smile-killers before they have a chance to really wreak havoc in your mouth. If you don’t keep up with your checkups and professional cleanings, you’ll be much more likely to suffer from problems that will ruin your teeth, not to mention cause you a lot of pain and high dental bills.

Proper Alignment

Crooked teeth stand out. If you didn’t get a chance to wear braces as a kid, it’s never too late. There are all sorts of ways to straighten your teeth, including painless and invisible retainers. You can even get braces applied to the backs of your teeth, and no one will ever know you’re wearing them. Consult your dentist during one of your bi-yearly checkups if you’re interested .

Brushing and Flossing

Brush at least two times per day – at least. Morning and night are your best bets, but if you really want to do all you can, brush after each meal. You should also floss once per day. Lots of people slack on flossing, and it’s a huge mistake. The plaque buildup can really affect the look of your teeth, not to mention cause tooth disease. Oh, and don’t forget to brush your tongue! Mouthwash is also a good thing to use regularly, so swish away.


You don’t have to get expensive whitening treatments to have a brighter smile (but you can!). There are lots of DIY teeth whitening kits that are simple and effective for you to use at home. You can even try making your own whitening treatment by mixing baking soda with salt and adding water until you’ve formed a paste. Lemon juice also works wonders. The best way to have white teeth is to prevent them from getting discolored to begin with. Avoid drinking soda, coffee, and tea, and don’t smoke. These things will really put a damper on your smile.

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