5 Tips for Summer-Proofing Your Makeup

Ladies, we’ve all been there! We put on our makeup in the morning before we head off to work or school only to have it all slide off by noon under the hot summer sun. Luckily, there are ways to keep your beautiful face on throughout the day, even in the middle of the summer. Here’s how:

Use Primer

Primer for your face is just like primer for your walls: it helps keep your foundation in place. The good news is that using primer won’t make you feel like you’ve got an extra layer on your face. Primer is very light and has the added bonus of acting as a moisturizer as well. If you use foundation to even out your skin tone, try a shaded primer in yellow, green or purple.

Switch to Tinted Moisturizer

When summer is coming and you decide to pack up your bulky sweaters and wool tights, pack up your winter makeup at the same time. Heavy foundations, much like heavy winter clothes, should be put away when the weather turns warm. Switch over to a tinted moisturizer to add a bit of color to your face. These sheer formulas will slide over your face, providing coverage without giving you a cakey look. If you need an extra bit of spot coverage, try applying a small amount of loose powder over your moisturizer.

Bronze Correctly

Bronzer is not meant to be used to cover your entire face. Instead, concentrate on the areas of your face that the sun naturally hits: your forehead, nose, chin and cheek bones. Look for bronzers that are made with varying colors; they’ll swirl together when you use them and give you a more natural look. If you pull your hair back, or have your hair cut short, don’t forget to dab a bit of bronzer on your earlobes and neck.

Lose the Stick

Once the weather turns warm, heavy lip colors lose their appeal. Switch over to tinted lip balms or sheer glosses. These light formulas will add color to your mouth without giving your face a too-heavy look. Fresh faces are in when the season changes from winter to spring, make sure you’re keeping up with the trend!

Give Waterproof a Try

If you’re like many adult women, you don’t use waterproof mascara. The waterproof mascaras of yesterday were dry and cakey, not to mention an absolute horror to wash off. Today’s waterproof mascaras are gentler on the eyes and have great staying power. If you still can’t make yourself switch over to waterproof, at least use one light layer over your regular mascara to give yourself protection from flaking during the humid weather.

Just like you have seasonal wardrobes, you should have seasonal makeup. When it comes time to pack away the winter clothes, head to your vanity and pack up your makeup as well. Now that summer is almost upon us, it’s time to switch to sheer coverage and waterproof formulas to ensure a look that lasts as long as you do!

About Author:  Sara Roberts is a freelancer blogger who writes about saving money, budgeting, and avoiding debt. She’s also a regular content contributor for online eyeglasses retailer Just Eyewear.

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