How to take care rebounded hair

May be hair rebounding is one of most damaging things and can result in permanent hair loss, but face it eight out of ten women are going for rebounding in any case. Rebounding is 5 hour long harsh treatment to your hairs, but results are magical indeed. Post rebounding, utmost care is needed because your hair becomes naturally weaker so they break easily.

Following are tips to take care rebounded hair:

Do not wash your hair at least for a day or two just after finishing the rebounding process. Just make sure hair should not get wet in any case. Yes! Your hair is greasy, but you have to live up with this feeling for few days. If you are found of swimming then you avoid your passion for few days.

Just after rebounding procedure do not tie your hair with band; neither put them behind your ears. Otherwise, hair will gain twisted shape.

Post rebounding use the same company product through which you have rebound your hair.  For example, if you have use L’Oreal products to rebound your hair, then only use L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner after rebounding.

It is essential to apply conditioner at least once in a week after rebounding.

Stay abstain from heated electronic instruments, even blow dryer is absolute no  no after rebounding. Use blow dryer only with cold air function, if you need to dry your hair in a jiffy.

Do not apply any other chemical treatment at least for six months after rebounding.

Oiling and steaming to must to take  care rebounded hair.  Oil your scalp at least in the hiatus of fifteen days.  You can also wrap around the wet towel to condition your hair. Make sure towel is dipped into steamy hot water.

At last, eat healthy diet  like leafy vegetables, sprouts and beans. Drink plenty of water.

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