Natural Beauty Skin: 2 Litres Water a Day, Throw Wrinkles Away

How much money you have spent for merely visiting those beauty clinics ‘only’ to remove your wrinkles? No matter how often you have done this effort, those wrinkles will keep coming back due to the aging process. Beautiful skin is not merely wrinkle free. Though you might have reached older than 30, your skin will look beautiful naturally when you apply these tips :

1. Drink 2 liters of water a day for keeping your skin keep hydrated.

2. Protect your skin all the time using sun blocks or sunscreen with SPF 15 at the very least. Don’t think that cloudy day is not harmful to your skin, so keep applying those creams.

3. Regular exercise is commonly heard, but it is hardly to apply it due to our crowded schedule. But be sure you do it for at least three times a week, 30 minutes a day. Is it still too hard for you? If so, just imagine that toxins inside your body will not be released through sweat which is produced during exercise.

4. Fresh veggies and fruits are compulsory. Avoiding coffee and other caffeinated drinks is recommended. I find out that avoiding coffee is like a torture so I only reduce it instead of stop drinking it. I think it’s fair enough. Green tea is recommended—though I still can’t sacrifice a cup of coffee over it.

5. Adequate sleep is always suggested. You are not the only one who needs rest, your tissues and cells are as tired as you. So, give them chances for repairing.

6. Smoking is always the main source of almost any illness, so get rid of it! It applies the same thing to your skin as the smoke will take away your vitamin C and oxygen in your skin. No argue.

It is that simple. If you have more budget and you have certain kind of skin which is prone to any disorder, you can have dependable beauty clinic to help you through such problems. But for those who have good skin condition, those tips above are more than just enough for throwing away your wrinkles based on your real age.

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