Allowing 16-year-old daughter to parade on a catwalk in a bikini is okay – according to mother

Isabelle Heath

Miss Tenn Queen competion is going to be held on September 2 where 50 young girls will compete with each other for the title. This competition is meant for girls in the age group of 13 to 19.

This competition is heavily criticized. However Caroline Heath, the mother of a Basingstoke girl Isabelle Heath, said she doesn’t has any problem with the her daughter’s decision to walk on ramp in a bikini and high-heels for the beauty pageant.

Claude Knights, Director of Kidscape charity, said that such competitions is the attempts to sexualizing young girls.

Claude said “It can lead to body dysmorphia and eating disorders. The girls in this competition are at an age when they don’t have full knowledge of themself. They are at their most vulnerable.”

The 46-year-old Caroline Health, who is the mother of two, fully supports her daughter decision and said that she is not 14-year-old.

Caroline Heath said, “At no time through this procedure have I had any concerns regarding exploitation.”

“I feel as her parent I have to support whatever decisions she makes and just help her avoid the pitfalls that may arise through lack of experience.”

Along with the beauty of the participant the competition will also be judged on the fund raised for the charity. Isabelle has managed to gain  sponsorship of £750 for Miss Teen Queen’s chosen charity The MAD Foundation.

Her mother said: “Isabelle has grown in confidence and has taken to charity fundraising with a vengeance. She is going into this competition with the view not to win, but to help raise awareness of The MAD Foundation and all their projects. She is viewing the actual Teen Queen final as a life experience and hopes this will help her confidence grow.”

Follow the link to see pictures of all participants contesting for TEEN QUEEN & TEEN PRINCESS FINALISTS FOR 2011.

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