Amanda Seyfried will appear nude in Linda Lovelace biopic

Amanda Seyfried

The 26-year-old Amanda Seyfried will play the lead role in Linda Lovelace biopic. The script of the movie requires full frontal nudity. Linda Lovelace was a porn star who later became strong anti-porn activist. The production has already began but the release date is not announced. The stars who already signed for this movie are Demi Moore, Adam Brody, Eric Roberts, Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, Hank Azaria, Robert Patrick, Bobby Cannavale, and Chris Noth. Amanda will be alongside Peter Sarsgaard. Demi Moore can be seen as feminist Gloria Steinem. The movie “Lovelace” is being directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Another movie with the same theme about Lovelace, Inferno, is also under production at present which has Malin Ackerman as star.

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