Christina Aguilera’s badly done hairdo

She is the babe everyone loves to be with, she is the gal every male wants to date with, she has those sexy sparks and killer curves with larger assets every male wants to enjoy with. Well, she is Christina Aguilera, the famed Hollywood singer who keeps on generating the juicy and spicy scoops whenever she comes out or does anything in public. Her personal life as well brings us the juicy tidbits.

Recently the babe was looking really unimpressed when she left Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills on Friday. The reason of her being unimpressed apparently was her badly done hairdo which she found uninteresting. Ofcourse it was really uninspiring and uninteresting. She went on adopting the two hairdos simultaneously in one hairstyle. Well, the two hairdos were – the catwalk inspired Bohemian milkmaid braids (which we found dolled up by Sienna Miller) and dip-dye purple to pink (which was seen getting worn by Kelly Osbourne).

But all went really wrong with Christina who tried to infuse both the styles in one. And we guess, she got really bad comments from the people which was why she was looking depressed.

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