Christina Aguilera’s voluptuous sexy figure turns hazardous for her

Christina Aguilera is a name of sexual-curvaceous-voluptuous body woman. Well, where she is known for her musical career, she is also famous for her most sexual body structure that is laced with killing curves on the voluptuous plump body. Aguilera is the one on who the plump and flesh suit the most.

Talking about her struggles days, the famed singer says to Billboard magazine that she gained huge weight by the time she was on the promotions of Stripped in 2002.

Her turning fleshy made the record executives worried and they felt huge pressure because of it. She tells that she really got tired of being much skinny white girl at that time. But soon during the promotion days, when the record executives saw her next time, this skinny girl turned out to be heavier with much meat on the body curves.

They called emergency meeting urgently for this purpose. She had gained 15 pounds on her body. They told her the tickets would not be sold and people would not buy the record if she gained weight. Christina reveals that she was young at that time and she then controlled her weight and turned svelte again.

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