Danni Park-Dempsey flaunts her sexy curves in bikini on the beach

Danni Park-Dempsey, the newcomer on TOWIE recently enjoyed the sun and the beach in Spain. So far Danni has merely been introduced to the television screen with her cameos in The Only Way is Essex. The shooting has now been wrapped up and now it appears that Danni is capturing more than her share of camera attention.

Few days back, the dusky steamy lass was in Spain to enjoy the rays of the sun. She enjoyed every inch of pleasures there by letting her tresses down. She wore the sexy revealing white bikini and matched this two-piece with a cross pendant that was on her neck and she went for a beaded bracelet which she wore on her wrist.

From her playing on the beach it appeared that she enjoyed the blue cool water hugely on the beach. While playing, she lost her balance almost completely when a speedy waves of sea came and hit her badly. But the babe managed to maintain her balance. The paparazzi captured her all movements there. Danni’s tresses were loose. Later she even checked her derriere for marks. It was really fun and she even expressed the same on twitter.

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