DJ Jenny D poses nude in support of Aarakshan

DJ Jenny D poses nude

DJ Jenny D has posed nude in support of reservation (aarakshan). Jenny was born in Goa, India and famous as DJ and actress. The “Citizens Action Forum” NGO has suppored the campaign of researvation for women on the occasion of  Independence Day. Compaign titled, Are Women in India really Independent? The photo was shot by Bollywood and fashion photographer Vickky Idnaani.

DJ Jenny D said, “We demand more jobs for women particularly in villages and smaller towns. Jobs for women in important positions of government, judiciary, police, local self government and financial institutions will reduce corruption in India and crimes against women will come down drastically. Women should have the freedom to choose their partner, choose the job or profession they want to or feel inclined to and even choose their dress code or the outfits they want to wear. Women should be at par with men not just in the cities, but also in the smallest and remotest villages and small towns of India. On Independence Day after 64 years of independence, women are still raped every day in India. Teenage girls are forced into marriages that they are against.”

Explaining her nude photo shoot she said, “The photograph is very artistically shot and is very aesthetic and glamorous. It is not vulgar at all.”


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