Do current stories like Angelina Jolie outdoing Oprah Winfrey and Madonna the ultimate female celebrity news?

Do in progress stories like Angelina Jolie outdoing Oprah Winfrey and Madonna the ultimate feminine famous person news?

I was listening to Bloomberg today. There was a non-business mini report on how Angelina Jolie is outdoing Oprah Winfrey and Madonna in terms of revenue. Not bad for an performer who pick up various kids from poor countries in Asia and Africa. She is also a agonized rebel who civilization admire. At the same time, she is cherished by the United Nations for her Charity in kid adoption or whatever she does. It also helps to be connubial to an accomplished vibrating hormone hunk like Brad Pitt. Celebrity does help. Especially when you make successful movies.It seems she is quite driven. I was by no means one of these die-hard fans that say: “Please Angelina, dump Brad Pitt and walk down the aisle me.” I did hear she desirable to be a pilot. Did she ever accomplish that by having a farm of kids from various parts of the world?

Now, I don’t assume Angelina Jolie is one of these hungry kinds of civilization needing to be the most accomplished celebrities who need to be digit one in revenues among females. I closely don’t assume she would even care but it does help to be in successful picture´s and be a tier one actor (or performer or however it is said in this politically accurate world).

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