Famed plus sized model Crystal Renn reveals her new thin body

Crystal Renn is the gorgeous and sexiest model who is known in the world. She is famous for her plus size figure and she has been doing the plus size modeling. But on the other hand, this babe also experiments a lot with her physique. She has reinvented her several times as a ravishing model.

In past, Crystal, 5-foot-9 inches brunette model, she gained 95 pounds and turned a successful plus sized model with size 14 to size 16. Now she has turned with her new thinner body at a recent event. Her new thin body opened many eyes and everyone got stunned as to what happened and what she did that she turned so much svelte all at once.

Renn, 25, was looking really unrecognizable with new svelte body structure. She appeared at a charitable event held in New York on Tuesday night wearing short outfits having platinum blonde tresses and eyebrows. She declared there that she is now size 6 or 8 depending on which designer she wears. Her fashion career has always been in news and she is loved by her fans. Her new thin body is being loved by the fashion industry and the people associated with this world.

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