France women football FIFA World Cup players pose nude

France women's football FIFA World Cup squad

Three of the players (Gaetine Thiney, 25,  Elodie Thomis, 24, and Corine Franco, 27) of France women’s football FIFA World Cup squad pose nude on the sports page of German leading paper, Bild. The French team may face  disciplinary action from FIFA. The French players said that the pictures was aimed to distract the German team from the objective of next game in Moechengladbach.

German football coach, Franz Beckenbauer, believes that FIFA’S relunctance to punish Nigerian coach, Eucharia Uche, on allegation of homosexuals in women football encouraged French players to go naked.

He said: ”I think it was time to respect the game more, moreso this is a Women World Cup.”

”FIFA should have been more frontal on the issue of lesbianism raised by the Nigerian coach. Sitting on the fence made things worse with the French women, the world respect France and their citizens so much” .

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