Historic diamond sold at $ 9.7 million in Geneva

A sparkling historic diamond has been sold at the giant price of $9.7 million. The reports have it that the historic diamond was sold out at an auction held in Geneva on Tuesday, 15 May 2012. It is said that the diamond traveled generations of European royalty and was at last bought at the price of 9 million Swiss Francs (which is equivalent to $9.7 million) after an undisclosed bidder made the top bid at the auction taken place in Geneva, Switzerland on 15th May, 2012.

This 35 carat ‘Beau Sancy’ diamond was first worn by Marie de Medici who was the Queen consort of Henry IV. She wore it at her coronation in 1610. From three continents, five bidders placed the bids and the top bidder fetched this historic diamond that has a big history along.

It was learnt that the one who won the bid placed the bid through the telephone and bought it. The diamond is described as the most fascinating and romantic gem ever come to the auction. The bidder says that the diamond’s magic was mesmerizing and he simply fell in love with it. Its history haunted him.


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