Hot singer Jessie J flaunts her pillarbox red nails at concert in Serbia

The hot-bombastically sexy and stylish fashion icon singer Jessie J showed off her pillarbox red nails at the concert in Serbia. The reports say that the Voice’s Jessie has brightened up her dress with attention fetching polish she did on her nails. Well, the hot lass treated her gorgeous nails with a brighter red polish at this year’s Belgrade Calling Festival taken place in Serbia.

This summer, the trend of red nails has hit back. But if you are going to follow the trend, make sure to have a long oval shape like the sexy babe did. Last season, the square shape was in but this season, go for oval.

Jenny Longworth, Jessie J’s manicurist, reveals that she often paints Jessie’s nails in wild colors and goes for making amazing designs on them, which make Jessie a true heart-hitter.

Well gals – a tip for you: Do make sure to apply a base coat prior to applying any strong color on your nails else your nails would stain and obviously nobody likes to have faded and orange look on nails.

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