Hustler’s offer of $500,000 to Anthony for posing nude

Casey ANthony

Casey Anthony partying

Larry Flynt of has offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose nude in Hustler magazine. Larry has come with this proposal on HNL’s “Nancy Grace” show on Thursday night. Along with this amount, he also offered to pay 10% of the sale profit. The 25-year-old Anthony was undergoing court trial in the case of murder of her 2-year-old daughter Cayleeon July 5. She is accused of lying to police during investigation after Caylee’s disappearance. Girl’s skeletal remains were found in a swamp after six months of her death. Till now the cause for death is not clear. Earlier this month Casey Anthony was not found guilty by a Florida jury of killing her 2-year-old daughter. Prosecutors were argued that the girl interfered with here mom’s har-partying lifestyle. Even after the verdict, many people are not happy with the jury decision. Public hatred over justice compeled police to provide extra security to her after recent release. Flynt also said that a portion of profits will also go for charities fighting child abuse if Anthony appeared nude in the magazine.

“I didn’t bring this up before because I feel like it’s sort of pandering, but we really did decide before we ever did this that we were going to donate a portion of the profits to abused children and abused children’s shelters,”. “That doesn’t change the horrific crime or incidents that’s already happened.”

But contrary to this Hugh Hefner of Playboy magazine denied any rumor that this magazine is also going to pose Anthony nude.

Hefner said, “the answer is simply no. I wouldn’t reward someone like that for what has happened.”

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