Imogen Thomas hates her growing belly

Imogen Thomas, the bombastic woman of the tinsel world, is the real sex goddess there is no single doubt about the same. Her killer curves and marvelous beauty hits the hearts. She can easily slaughter the men with her sex appeal, curvy physique, beauty and charm. Well, this hot babe is having a bun in the oven and she now openly admits that pregnancy is not the one that blooms with her.

In an interview, Thomas, 29, goes on shattering the taboo about all the expectant mothers loving their new shape. She is five months pregnant with her first kid from her beau Adam Horsley, 26. She says that she dislikes her growing figure. Imogen tells that she knows that it is natural and her figure is growing as it is getting prepared for childbirth. But she really hates the growing belly and figure. She utters her body is really getting out of her control.

She also reveals that she’s got cellulite and stretchmarks on thighs. She also reveals that she has started putting weight on her sides and she has now bingo wings. This all depresses her a lot. Imogen Thomas says that her hips have now turned bigger. Last day she tried wearing her jeans but they could not get up and stayed just half way on her legs.

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