Israeli model Bar Rafaeli gets naked for her lingerie collection

Israeli world renowned model Bar Rafaeli is a name which is no stranger at all for the globe masses. She has carved a special place for herself in the world of modeling and fashion. She is a coveted name in this sparkling abode.

Bar is a busy bee all the time with a lot of assignments to doll up. She has revealed her latest collection of cotton lingerie basics.

No need to focus on push up bras, suspenders and knickers now onwards, as Israeli beauty, 27, has now generated her much simpler line of cotton panties, pyjamas and vests designed for an utter comfort.

She goes on saying on her website that she always feels that she looks her best when she is comfortable – especially when she slips into underwear. She then adds that since her underwear happens to be her closest cloth item that sticks to her body she wants it to utterly compliment her.

Bar Rafaeli then tells that beneath her costumes lies the real her and nothing else at all. The Israeli model has released a series of visuals which convey the ethos of her lingerie line. In those videos, she is seen doing chores, playing tennis, promoting and advertising the clothes in traditional methods and in one of the videos, she is seen stark naked.

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