Jennifer Aniston’s growing baby bump

Jennifer Aniston, the Hollywood’s mega and much-adored celeb, has landed on the headlines once again. The sexy-curvy babe’s every action is well scanned by the paparazzi who are always after the sexy kitten to crunch some juicy tabloid stories. Her link ups and whatever she does is well captured all the time. Well, the damsel has again started getting the big ripples in the media for her ad in which she is shown pregnant.

For the new ad for Smartwater, the 43-year-old actress reveals her swollen baby bump. The commercial jabs fun at her big celebrity status and also stars Ryan Seacrest presenting a fake news report revealing Jennifer’s house security tapes leaked by some unknown source. This footage unleashes the Hollywood star’s giant secrets.

The tapes flaunt off the actress crashing her vehicle in the garage. In next frame, the curvaceous beauty is seen in her kitchen where she is shown removing a huge band around her waist placed to hide her grown baby bump.

Then she utters rubbing her hand on her baby bump ‘how are my sweet little triples doing? You must be so much thirsty.’

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