Kate Moss and Sharon Stone lock lips

Kate Moss and Sharon Stone both shared a lip lock which instantly gathered the huge attention of the media and spread over the web like wildfire. The two women are both super ravishing and super sexy. The two can really set everything on fire. They are class and they are superbly hot. Although Sharon Stone is aged but she still has brilliant sparks to loot the hearts. Kate, 39, is a supermodel and has tremendous sexy body structure.

The kiss was not for any sexual pleasures rather it was done for a charity on stage. It was intentional just top raise the money for a charity. Both were looking damn sexy and gorgeous.

Kate, the supermodel, just avoided a wardrobe malfunction because she was wearing deep neckline that was about to display her assets. But she narrowly avoided it.

They signed a champagne bottle that was sold to £35,000. The event took place in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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