Kelly Osbourne’s lavender look matching her tresses at Emmys

Emmy Awards took place on Sunday and the event was so lavish and it turned out to be more lavish with the sparkling celebs who were clad in ritzy outfits. Everyone in particular the ladies were trying hard to look classier than the others. We often get to witness the competition factor among the ladies at the red carpet whenever any event oozes out.

Kelly Osbourne, the classy-wonderful-bombastically sexy with killer sexy curves, too joined in the race to look ravishing and seductress than the other females of the entertainment industry when she hit the space. She emerged with a double lavender whammy matching her tresses with her outfit.

She instantly got the attention of the media and shutterbugs simply jumped at her to click the photographs and she proudly posed for them. She wore the full length lavender Zac Posen outfit for the second dress change of the night during the awards function in Los Angeles.

The bombastic babe then went for longer, poker straight extensions which she tied back in lower ponytail. Showing off her double lavender style and look, the bombshell knew that purple was the color of the season.

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