Kourtney Kardashian flaunts nearly nude body in colorful bikini

The real sex bomb babes of the US entertainment industry – Kardashians are all the time on high heels of popularity and they are the ones the paparazzi would love to follow them holding cameras in hands wherever they go. Well, one of these sexy Kardashian sisters is having a bun in the oven these days. Yes, she is none other than Kourtney Kardashian who is six months pregnant and this hot celeb does not shy at all revealing her almost nude pregnant body all the time.

Few days back, she was there on the beach in California wearing a bikini and now she is in Dominican Republic where she flaunted her nearly nude bod in much revealing colorful bikini. Her swollen belly is widely vivid and her most private part is hardly covered. The huge cleavage show is open for all and sundry’s entertainment.

The entire Kardashian family went to Dominican Republic for vacation. They are staying at the Casa de Campo complex (that rents for $6,000 per night). Kim Kardashian, the biggest and voluptuous sex bombshell of Hollywood trade and the sister of Kourtney, tells that this time around Kourtney is a little bigger. The second time mom to be Kourtney, 32, is looking amazingly sexy in this bikini.

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