Kris Jenner’s wardrobe malfunction – nip slip

Kris Jenner and her daughters – they all are much notorious for their super bolder attitude, avatars and the fashion dos they keep doing up. They all are well known in the entire world. In particular Kim Kardashian, the sexiest of the US babes-socialite and reality star, is more famed than her entire family. The family keeps up the tradition of showing off the flesh and doing the wilder things in order to stay on the headlines. Kardashians are tabloids’ hot favorite since they provide them with juicy gossips to make profit on.

Well, Kris Jenner recently faced a wardrobe malfunction when her Halloween costume dropped down showing off her modesty – the nip slip was enjoyed by all.

The costume, Kris wore, was worn by her daughter Kim Kardashian way back in 2008. Kris tried wearing this strapless costume and she succeeded in it but it dropped down while she was doing the show. Kris did not take it seriously as she said ‘it was just a cute nip slip’.

Her daughter Khole tweeted ‘hi nips,  that’s my mom’.

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