Lady Gaga shows she’s shed extra weight

Lady Gaga is the world’s most controversial woman of the entertainment trade. Gaga is the one singer who loves to get dragged with the controversies. When there are no controversies along, the songstress goes on by generating the controversies by her own. Well, we all know and are much aware of the fact that Lady Gaga loves to sail on the headlines and this is she keep on doing the weird acts and things in public.

Gaga’s weird designing and wilder outfits and looks always put her on the headlines. Well, apart from her controversies, Gaga was under the headlines earlier this year when she was found with 30 lbs weight gain. A lot was written on her weight and chubby body.

The singer, guess, did mind the pinpoints on her weight gain, which was the reason that she then worked out heavily and lost the extra pounds off the body. She now reveals her toned up and svelte body structure in a bikini recently in Mexico.

Gaga was on the beach in Mexico where she wore a floral bikini to let the world see that she has shed the extra kilos off her body. She now looks slim and pretty.

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