Lindsay Lohan’s sexy curves in the pool

Lindsay Lohan, the controversial babe who loves controversies which is why she keeps on doing weird things and the petty crimes to be on the headlines, has now walked on the lines of BFF Gaga to show off her body in minimal clothes. Like BFF Lady Gaga, Lindsay too wants to stay on the headlines and we have noticed that their mentality is same to grab the headlines no matter if you have to face the music.

Lindsay has posed nude for Playboy thus she finds it not difficult to shed the clothes to show off body parts. But it now seems Lohan has taken few tips from BFF to flaunt off body in few clothes. Lindsay, 26, showed off her beautiful and sexy curves in a white swimsuit as she went on enjoying dipping at her hotel.

The one-piece Lindsay was wearing carried a plunging white front which grabbed the attention of all and sundry over there. The huge amount of cleavage was pretty vivid to all. After enjoying the pool and the cool water dipping, Lohan then covered her up with a white gown and red pumps.

This new swimsuit shows that Lohan has now said goodbye to her usual bikinis for showing off body. Lady Gaga has now decided to feature Lindsay in her upcoming video.

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