Mariah Carey’s new photoshoot for Shape in revealing bikini

Mariah Carey, the full bosom sexiest songstress of the U.S. whose singing is admired around the world and she is an icon for the world masses, has now flaunted her new toned up body in a revealing bikini posing for the May issue of Shape.

Mariah, 42, had given birth to twins last March (2011), now shows off her post baby body in bikini after losing 30 pounds from her physique. She told in the interview how she dropped 30 pounds off her body in just six months time.

She told while she was pregnant, her body got super swollen that all started thinking that she had gained more than 9000 pounds. Then she revealed that she was lucky that soon after the delivery of the babies, the swelling went away quickly. Then she had to loss 30 more pounds which she did in just 6 months’ time period.

Mariah reveals that she has a new diet plan in place, she does work-outs and swimming and this all is included in her daily routine. Doing this, she got the new svelte body that she can now easily slips into a bikini or lingerie for any photoshoot.

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