Megan Fox…no more bikini body on screen

Megan Fox is the utter sex bomb and the sex goddess definition can also be fit on her sexy curves on svelte physique. She is a class in every sense of the word. Fox can raise the heat in the males and surely they would be finding the same inside their bodies seeing her in bikinis and revealing clothes.

Megan tasted the real limelight and the fame with her firm physique and sizzling looks. She is found in revealing outfits in movies but the motherhood has now changed all for the babe.

Fox delivered the baby son two months and now she makes the decision of dropping the clothes in the movies and for the photo shoots. She vows to never flaunt off her body in front of camera from now onwards.

She is of the view that what her son Noah will be thinking about her mother at school if she keeps on doing the body show?

She tells to a magazine that when her son will be in a school and his school mates would be showing him his mother’s pictures in bikinis, what he thinks of her? She mentions he will simply be horrified. Thus now she decides to be under clothes before the cameras. It means….Megan, you would keep showing off body in bikinis on beaches but not on screen. Hmmm.

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