Mel B exposes the curves in much revealing bikini

Mel B is the woman of the singing trade, who is much notorious for her sizzling outfits, performances and the nearly nude outfits she keeps on wearing them to entice the fans. She is known for not covering up her curves which she would love to flaunt off to the fans spread all over the globe.

She has been in Australia for a judge’s job at a reality show since quite some time and she has been on way to let the people out there to feel the heat she’s been displaying while showing off the nearly naked body on the beaches and on the boats.

On Sunday, Mel B took time out especially for her daughters to slip into the pool at the Park Hyat Hotel in Sydney. Former Spice Girls star slipped into a teeny tiny bikini with her two daughters.

Mel, 37, seemed really at home as she walked around the swimming pool getting clad in much revealing bikini which was leaving nothing to imagination. She was not shy at all and she was more concerned about having fun with the daughters. All of them spent time and the entire day in the pool and poolside.

In the mismatched bikini, Mel was really killing the people with her utmost sex appeal. Almost every part of her body was visible and all and sundry were enjoying the dusky sexy figure.

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