Miley Cyrus gets cozy with her assistant in a pool

Miley Cyrus is the one Hollywood babe who is all the time scanned by the sharp eyes of the paparazzi. She is the tabloids best queen who the magazines would love to cover since her stories sell like hot cakes.

She has recently got engaged with her longtime beau Liam Hemsworth around two weeks back. And now Miley is under troubles as the pictures of her along with her friend and assistant Cheyne Thomas have started making the bigger rounds of the media and over the web. These pictures could be worrisome for her relationship with fiancé since in these images, she and Thomas are found quiet close to each other and seem to getting cozy with each other.

Miley, 19, and her friend were in a pool in Miami yesterday and the paparazzi took the full advantage to click the pictures. Although in the pictures, both are found just inches away from each other but the couple was looking deeply into each others’ eyes and their eyes show how many flirtatious giggles they shared with each other.

Miley denies the reports saying there is nothing between the two as she loves her fiancé a lot.

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