Miley Cyrus Hacker was Spamming From Her Hacked Accounts

Miley Cyrus

Hacker of Miley Cyrus Gmail account was responsible for stealing and posing provocative pictures stolen from her account. He pleaded guilty on Monday to other charges involving creadit card fraud and hacking. The 21-year-old Josh Holly has been charged with about 200 credit card theft and spamming celebritis MySpace pages which earned him a lot. Holly had many screen names – “TrainReq”, “Rockz” and “h4x”. Holly was attempting to sell stolen pictures to who rejected his offer because of unauthorized source. He thaen published some of these pictures at Some of the seductive images of Miley Cyrus included her 15-year-old pictures. Holly got the Cyrus’ Gmail account password through her MySpace account. He also reset the MySpace account passwords of many celebrities which he later used for spamming and earned about $50,000.

Read affidavit against Holly.

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