Misuse of bra to carry illegal stuffs like drugs and gun


Bra can not only be used to hide or protect female assets, they can be misused to carry illegal stuffs like drugs and gun. As it protect most private part of a women, the probability of getting things unnoticed is very high. Recently a 30-year-old woman Sinead Hawkins from Windemere Gardens, Lisburn found hiding £10,000 worth of heroin in her bra and other body part. She has been jailed for fifteen months. Officers have found 28 grams of heroin in the cups of her bra. Another 78 grams of heroin was also secreted in other body part. In another case a 20-year-old Arizona woman Angela Lynn Milhoan got arrested on Tuesday after authorities has found a 22-caliber semi-automatic handgun in her bra.

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