Naked student protesters at Quebec streets to disturb Montreal F1 Grand Prix

Thousands of Quebec students stripped off to protest against the Liberal Government, Special Law 78, and tuition fee hike. Tuition fee has increased by government to 1,778 Canadian dollars ($1,700) per year. Special Law 78 requires organizers/protesters to give police at least eight hours advance warning of times and locations of protest marches, with hefty fines imposed for failing to do so. Many of the protesters were naked or barely clothed. The police have fired stun grenades and tear gas to prevent the student protesters and about 30 percent of the protesters arrested. The protesters has approached Canadian Grand Prix event to draw international attentions towards their three month campaign. For weeks, protesters have been promising to disrupt the Montreal Formula One Grand Prix, one of the biggest annual tourist events in Canada. The Canadian Grand Prix organizers have cancelled Thursday’s traditional “Open Doors” event for fans due to the ongoing student protests in Montreal. Protesters include male and female students who stripped to underwear. Female protesters barely conceal their breast with read body paint and red cloth squares which symbolize the protests. Many protesters (more than 2,500) have been arrested since February during clashes and more than 165,000 students have refused to attend class. The government had proposed a reduction of tuition hike only by $C35 per year which was rejected by students. The protest has dragged and government stopped talks with student leaders to end protest.

Pictures of Montreal Grand Prix protest by Canadian students

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videos of Montreal Grand Prix protest by Canadian students

Adult content warning: Please see following videos only if you are above 18.

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