Natalie Casey’s wardrobe malfunction – she’s braless

Wardrobe malfunctions are the parts of the celebs’ lives in particular for the female celebs. Among female celebrities, we often get to see the wardrobe malfunctions and most of the time, the babes of the entertainment industry become the victim of this knowingly to grab the publicity. But yes, there are certain times when they become the victim of wardrobe malfunctions unknowingly being unaware.

The latest wardrobe malfunction took place with Natalie Casey who showed off her braless body in a sheer see-through gown.

This is what happened that Natalie was clad in a conservative head to toe high necked Victorian style outfit but being fully clad, she was leaving nothing for imagination since her see-through gown was showing that she was braless.

Casey was there to attend the Whatsonstage Theatregoers’ Choice Awards at London’s Palace Theatre in London.

By the time, the flash bulbs of the photographers show that she was not wearing bra, they started clicking the pictures of her wardrobe malfunction. She was proudly posing for the shutterbugs but it seemed she was unaware that her see-though dress was flaunting off her assets.

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