Nicki Minaj launches her perfume showing deep cleavage

Nicki Minaj, the dusky voluptuous but curvaceous sexiest singer of the U.S. trade, keeps on grabbing the news chunks all the time. She really loves seeing herself on the headlines and getting herself adorned on the tabloids being the tabloid queen. No matter if the fame comes through shortcuts or controversies, what matters the most to the seductive and sexiest queen is popularity.

She keeps on generating the controversies to get the camera’s attention and for this, she pays every price no matter if the price is paid by showing her body or larger assets during the performances and all that.

Well, this babe like other Hollywood beauties has launched her perfume ‘Pink Friday’ in New York on September 24th. She wore a fluorescent jacket and sailor hat. Minaj widely showed off her bigger assets at the occasion through the bra top which was super deep and revealing. Hmmm, another way to grab the limelight! Keep it up babe!

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