Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction – her modesty gets uncovered

Nicki Minaj is the babe who is more famous for her controversies and boob-show rather than for her singing. And she knows it well that the controversies take her to the height of success which is why she keeps on generating them all the time whenever she finds any chance to display her modesty.

She is in UK these days for the concerts and there she has been on way to expose her assets a lot to the audiences over there. On Monday night’s performance at Manchester’s MEN Arena, Minaj flashed more of her flesh than was being expected. She was performing her dance moves excitedly that she could not notice that the flower-shaped nipple covers popped out of the outfit (or she knew it well and knowingly let it go, hmmm).

She let thousands of audiences see the nip-show to the fullest. When she came to know she said jokingly “you guys had seen my boobs previously – so, you would not tell anyone, would you?”

In previous performance as well, she showed off her boobs-show in plenty and even she said to the audiences before the performance that this was her first show so excuse any boobs popping out.

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