Olivia Munn goes topless for FHM magazine January 2012 issue

Olivia Munn on FHM cover

Olivia Munn shed her clothes for latest issue of FHM magazine. She will also talk about her view on sex.

Her view on sex as expressed in magazine.

“When it comes to sex, I think anyone’s an idiot to say they’re an expert on it. I mean, I have sex, but it’s individual for each person. You know, like, guys always have that one f–king ‘move’, some stupid s–t, like putting his thumb in your mouth. And it’s just like, ‘What are you doing? Who told you this was hot?'”

She also expressed her passion for video games.

“I get so addicted to Videos games. I get really focused in on it and I cannot live the rest of my life. So If I get into any kind of first person shooter game, I’m done and you won’t see me. I’ll skip meetings and stuff to sit in and work on my video games.”

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