Paris Hilton opens accessories and handbags store in Saudi Arabia

Paris Hilton, the world’s most controversial and notorious babe, has now reportedly opened a new outlet for her hand bags and accessories in Saudi Arabia. She announced the news herself on Twitter to her followers on Thursday. Paris has been opening up her brand’s stores all over the world. The hot socialite is leaving no stone unturned to make her brand super famous and international.

Paris’ new outlet has been launched at the Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia. She is much excited after the launch. Paris’ brand is on way to be super popular and the world customers are getting attracted to her brand a lot. The gorgeous, curvaceous, sexiest and hottest hotel heiress lands on news all the time and now she grabs the news chunks due to her brand’s popularity.

Paris Hilton is notorious for her petty crimes, she keeps on doing in the entire world, to get the camera’s limelight. And she also gets the headlines because of getting naked on yachts and vacations. Well, Ms. Hilton…. now get the news only for your brand…leave grabbing the headlines because of nudeness and crimes.

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