Plus size Gabi Gregg launches bikinis for plus size women

Svelte bodies are what everyone is crazy for and all and sundry want to have svelte body women and even date with the same. In short, svelte bodied women are in demand. If you look at the fashion world, the women with hourglass frame are needed only. For bikini shoots, tiny wait and hourglass curvy body women are fetched in.

There is no scope and importance for the plus size women in everyday and professional lives. In fashion and swimwear worlds, it is strictly ‘no’ for these heavyweight ladies. The doors are closed.

But there is a woman who has taken the initiative for the plus sized women. Gabi Gregg, the famed blogger, who coined the term ‘fatkini’ for the plus size women last year as a retaliation against society’s liking and obsession for the slim bodies for summer wear or bikinis. She has launched a swimwear line for the U.S. sizes 10 to 24.

She also encourages the plus size women that they have to be comfortable with the bodies they have and they should slip into the swimwear confidently. She says the women with plus size figure should toss away the insecurities and go for wearing the two-piece.

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