Pregnant model Danielle Lloyd poses nude

Pregnant Danielle Lloyd shows off her baby bump (Magazine: Closer)

Model Danielle Lloyd showed her baby bump while posing nude for a photoshoot. She wear nothing bu her make-up and jewellery in the latest issue of Closer. This will be her second child of 27-year-old model with 24-year-old-footballer fiance Jamie O’Hara. She is planning to undergo medical surgery to regain her perfect figure soon after birth in September.

“‘I’ll get a trainer and go to the gym at least three times a week once the baby arrives. I’ve basically been pregnant for the past two years, so I can’t wait to get my body back.”

“I’d like to be 9st and a size 8 before my wedding. If worst comes to worst, I’ll consider lipo!”

“My boobs get so big during pregnancy, I’ve got stretch marks and saggy skin. I want that removed and then a lift. I’d also like a chemical peel to even out my skin due to pregnancy pigmentation.”

There are many other famous celebrities who posed nude while showing her baby bump. Demi Moore did it for cover page of Vanity Fair Magazine in 1991.

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