Rihanna Whipped By Another Fashion Photographer Over ‘S&M’ Music Video

Rihanna's music video - S&M

Pop star Rihanna’s music video “S&M” is continuing to create quite a stir among famous photographers.

In February, David LaChappelle sued the singer and her record labels for infringing the copyright on some of his photographs. Now, the singer is also being pursued by another photographer, Philipp Paulus, who is making similar allegations.

The music video “S&M” portrays Rihanna’s sadomasochist relationship with the press with images like blogger Perez Hilton on a leash like a dog. In once scene, Rihanna wears a big dress, up against the wall with huge plastic in front of her, with X’s all around.

German photographer Paulus believes that image was appropriated from his own photographic series, “Paperworld.”

Read full article at hollywoodreporter.com.

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