Salina Wali Khan will dance naked if govt doesnot pass Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill

Everybody in India is supporting Anna’s movement to remove corruption from the nation. Government has also proposed a bill to stop corruption but it is claimed as a bill to support corruption. Whole nation is in favor of Anna’s version of Lokpal Bill called as Jan Lokpal Bill.

In the latest news Delhi-based actor and model Salina Wali Khan proposed to dance naked if the government doesn’t pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. At present Anna Hazare is protesting at  Ramlila Maidan for this very cause. He has not taken food for last 12 days.

Salina Wali Khan

Salina disagree with the rumor that her decision is for publicity.

“My decision is not for gaining publicity. I am not like other models who make controversial claims for grabbing eyeballs. I am not doing it to be famous but for the common people,” she said.

Salina says that she had to pay Rs 500 to a government official for getting her ration card. She is very happy with the Anna’s initiative and said, “Is he fasting for himself? No! That is why he is getting support from everyone. He has managed to attract people from all religions, caste, creed etc. So, I am supporting him.”

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