Selena Gomez’s actual look without makeup

Selena Gomez, who is the real darling of the entire world, is the one babe of Hollywood trade and the singing world who is regarded high and has bigger fan following in the globe. The girlfriend of Justin Bieber often becomes the victim of harsh comments on social media sites and in person as well by Justin’s crazy female fans. But this all does not stop her and her beau to sail through the romantic waves.

Gomez, who shoved to limelight and real stardom with her show on Disney channel, always flaunts off her fashion sense at every event she appears. The cute faced babe is media’s delight. Selena has also launched her fragrance which is loved by her fans.

Well, this time around this babe came out in public on the road without wearing any layer of cosmetic on her face. And she was dressed very simple. This new look rather actual look of Selena Gomez goes well as she looks gorgeous even without make up though you will recognize her with a bit effort.

She went out to go to Steven Spielberg Pediatric Research Center situated in Beverly Hills area in California. Selena, 20, wore a baggy white blouse and paired it with big brown boots with grey leggings.

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