Sharni Vinson flaunts pencil thin frame in bikini at LA Fashion Week

Aussie beauties are always admired and loved a lot and their presence is undoubtedly felt high in the entire world in the world of fashion and entertainment in particular. The likes of Miranda Kerr, the Aussie supermodel who not only enticed her world but also the entire globe with her sexy photoshoots, magazines’ appearances and ramp walks. The Victoria’s Secret model is high in demand all the time. She is in top 10 richest models of the world.

Well, another Aussie beauty, Sharni Vinson has started making the bigger rounds of the news and she has been on way to generate oomph factor her her. Sharni’s dating with the Twilight muscular star Kellan Lutz puts her on the headlines and she is the central focus of the juicy and gossips magazines plus tabloids.

The Aussie actress showed off her pencil thin body frame and bones wearing a garish high low outfit at the LA Style Fashion Week taken place on Friday.

The beauty was looking really classy and she was smiling all the way while at the function showing off her slim frame. She flaunted off her curves in well exposed bizarre bikini dress. Both the actress and Kellan Lutz are true in love and the dating is going on and on.

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