SlutWalk: A Protest Against A Set of People’s Mindset


First of all, let me introduce what is SlutWalk? SlutWlks is a series of protests which is triggered by a Canadian police officer’s advice to women to ‘to avoid dressing like sluts’ to avoid being raped. A police officer Michael Sanguinetti in Toronto had passed this statement during a speech to university students. He was talking to students at Osgoode Hall Law School during a campus safety talk: ‘Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised’. Round the glove women in less dresses have organised SlutWalk to protest against this.  (see video below) Many men also had participated. Many protester bear ‘slut‘ word written either on clothing or body parts. Their logic is that they have freedom to wear as much or as little as they want and they are not ashamed for that. Men should not harass a women only for this reason.

SlutWalk was started first in Toronto in April. This protest soon spread to cities around the world. The protest is against the mindset of many people who thinks that the victims of sexual assault should bear a degree of responsibility on the grounds that they were ‘asking for it’.


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