Sofia Vergara says she won’t reduce her 32F breast size

Sofia Vergara, the name when it is announced, hits us or comes into view brings the manifestation of an utter sexy woman with marvelous and heart-hitting beauty. Sofia is a name which represents the mammoth beauty and endless sex appeal. She is always on the headlines and keeps on grabbing the news chunks. The tabloids’ favorite queen, Vergara, Modern Family star, is found on then papers with juicy and spicy gossips plus the intimate pictures which surely raise the blood level.

Sofia’s bigger assets are in talks all the time and the men are really crazy for them. She is notorious for the big melons on body as well. Her publicist has asked her many a time to reduce the breast size going under the knife. But the babe is not ready for that. She was talking with a program host Katie on her show lately where she openly made the announcement saying despite her publicist’s demands of reducing her breast size, she will not go at all to reduce her 32F size.

Sofia says she is proud of her body and the curves she has on body. She considers herself utterly seductress in this shape and she will not go for any implants at all in near future.

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