The most beautiful mother in the world – Mrs. Globe-2011

Alisa Krylova

Alisa Krylova with other participants

Alisa Krylovafrom Russia has won the “Mrs. Globe-2011” beauty contest held in the USA. The 28-year-old Alisa is mother of two children and a successful businesswoman. Only married women were eligible to participate in the event which is organized regularly since last 15 years. The beauty pageant is organized by by the Women in Need charity foundation. This organization raises money for needy women with children and the motto is “a saved woman is a saved family”.

Alisa Krylova with her daughter

A total of 40 participant from all over the world participated in the competition. First and second runner-up were Kotive Sachdev from India and Melanie  Stemler from Guatemala. Mrs. Charity and Mrs. Fame titles also won by the Russian Alisa Krylova.

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