Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities -Most Popular and Famous Female Celebrities From the Land of Hollywood

Most Popular Female Celebrities From the Land of Hollywood

The actresses who are multi capable can be in the list of Top ten lists of Hollywood actresses according to me. Every thing must be considered like beauty, language, dance, articulation  , sexy  body structure , beauty in bikini  and most priority acting while attainment the position in Top 10.

According to me I am redistribution some of my annotations on the Hollywood actresses.

1.  Megan Fox -The Sexiest Women of 2008

The almighty and bizarre actress Megan fox birthday was applauded on the 16th of May in year 1986. So her age is concerning 24-25 year only. She was an actress from the America. While talking concerning her family, I can say she is from a very poor family. She has one big sister and look after and father in her family. Like most actress, she is also agog in drama and dance from academic days only. She used to partake in drama from the very small age of 10 year. She had a automatic training in drama up to teen age. In the year 2001, she had started her career. And nowadays she is one of the best actresses in Hollywood with French beauty. While attainment this position, she had a almighty support of her parents.


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