Tulsia Contostylos loses virginity at 14, later had many guys on her

Tulisa Contostavlos has really a WOW factor attached to her charms and beauty. There is no second thought about her being the killingly sexiest babe of town. She has those sexy sparks and killer curves which can slaughter the men from tip to toe finding them witness the huge bulge seeing her in front of in pictures. Tulsia is on the headlines all the time and she loves it for sure.

She openly admits that she lost her virginity at the age of 14 and now she regrets about losing her innocence so early in life. Contostavlos lost her virginity to her beau a drug dealer, 17, who she really turned much obsessed with.

The incident happened this way that she and her boyfriend used to sit in his vehicle locking lips and all that and one day they decided to take a step ahead to go deep down the business. But the time passed and around after 8 months, he came and took her to a little bed and breakfast hotel in Kentish town where he did not ask anything or her permission and just undressed her and did the sexual act. Later, she had too many guys on her.

Tulsia says she can count the guys on her fingers and toes who she has slept with so far in life.

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