Urban Outfitters sued for using ‘Salacious’ Picture of 16-year-old model Printed on T-Shirt

Hailey Clauson

Hailey Clauson on T-shirt

Hailey Clauson‘s parents are very upset over the use of “salacious” and “provocative” images of her daughter on T- shirt recently released by Urban Outfitters. They are suing Urban Outfitters, photographer Jason Lee Parry and two other stores for a grand total of $28 million in damages as they used this pictures without permission. The parents claimed that they were aware about this photoshoot in March last year but the permission to use these pictures was not taken. Hailey was 15-year-old at the time of photoshoot. Portraying a child in a spread eagle postion making her crotch area visible may be the violation of some law considering it as a sexually suggestive image.

Recently a 10-year-old French model Thylane Blondeau has raished question on morality of photographers and fashion industry.

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